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What is Jotun Baltoflake?

Jotun Baltoflake is the name of a specific paint system, developed by the Norwegian paint manufacturer Jotun. It is a type of two-component epoxy paint, designed to protect steel constructions from corrosion and wear in harsh environments, such as in off-shore and marine industries.

The Jotun Baltoflake system usually consists of several coats of different types of paint, including an epoxy primer, a middle coat, and a top polish. These coats work in conjunction to form a tight and durable surface that can withstand both mechanical stress and aggressive environments.

The name "Baltoflake" refers to the special type of filler used in the paint. The filler consists of minute flakes of glass incapsulated in epoxy resin, which helps improve the wear resistance of the paint and its chemical resistance.

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