Sewer network recorded in 3D

Get control of the xyz coordinates in your sewer network with 3D GeoSense!

In practice, it is important not only to record and document the condition of sewers, but also the position of the pipe in the ground. Pipeline surveying that makes a decisive contribution to ensuring a high quality control of sewers on private property.

Both procedures help the TV operator to fill in data on the sewer network and make it possible to record even complex and branched plug-on-plug wires. In addition to the actual TV inspection results (documentation of faults, etc.), you get a map of the sewer network with only a minimum of extra time and effort, as the survey is carried out at the same time as the TV inspection. During the inspection, the xyz coordinates are automatically collected without further effort by the software package IKAS Evolution and the current pipe run can be shown in 3D drawings.

The 3D GeoSense survey, i.e. determination of the xyz coordinates, and can possibly supplemented by a hydrostatic level measurement in complex sewer networks. It is used to determine the differences in level or bottom height in main or branch line. With this method, the height (z-axis) is measured accurately with centimeter accuracy.

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