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Combination units

A combination units is a traditional sludge suction / flushing truck with one tank that is separately divided into a sludge tank and a water tank. The size of the sludge tank can be varied from 6 -12 m3. A combination unit is capable of both suction and flushing at the same time. Many combi-sludge suction cleaners are equipped with a piston in the tank, which enables the operator to control how large a part of the tank capacity must be used for clean water and how large the capacity for suctioned sludge must be. This makes it easy to adapt the system to the type of jobs that are most frequent at a given time.

A combination unit is used for cleaning and maintenance of sewage systems. These trucks are equipped with a powerful vacuum system that can suck up dirt, sludge, and other materials from sewer lines, as well as a high-pressure flushing system that can flush out any remaining obstructions.

A combination unit is a valuable vehicle for municipalities and private contractor companies that maintain sewers, as the unit allows for efficient cleaning of sewer lines, which reduces the risk of blockages and other problems. In addition, the truck's vacuum system can be used for other purposes, such as cleaning up spills, removing waste from septic tanks, and more.

Below you can see our selection of sewer trucks, available from 3.5t vans and up. The leading supplier of 2-, 3- or 4-axle combination units are FFG Umwelttechnik based in Flensburg.

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