Mobile Cutter

Flexible and Efficient Sewer Cleaning

Our mobile cutter is designed to provide flexible and efficient removal of blockages in sewer systems. With IBAK's mobile cutter system operating with air as a stand-alone system, you get a reliable solution for both maintenance and inspection. It is also possible to combine the air cutter with TV inspection systems of main lines, using the same control panel and cable reel, ensuring a seamless and integrated workflow. Our mobile cutter can handle pipe dimensions from Ø125 to Ø800.

Key Features and Benefits:

Effective Blockage Removal: Our mobile cutters are equipped with advanced technology that ensures quick and efficient removal of blockages without damaging the pipes.

Flexible Solutions: The ability to combine the air cutter with TV inspection systems makes our mobile cutters versatile and effective in many different working environments.

User-Friendly Operation: Intuitive control panels and ergonomic design make our mobile cutters easy to use, even for operators with minimal training.

Robust Construction: Built to withstand demanding working environments, our mobile cutters are made of durable materials that ensure long life and reliable performance.

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