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What is a sewer camera?

A sewer camera is a type of camera designed to inspect sewer systems. It is a specialised camera, normally mounted on a push rod, that can be inserted in sewer pipes. The camera provides a live image of the inside of the sewer pipe and can help identify issues such as blockages, cracks, or damage to the pipes. Sewer cameras are often used by sewer contractors for determining problems within the sewer system, and for planning and carrying out repairs and maintenance.

A psuh camera is essentially a camera head, a push rod, and a control unit. The type of camera head and push rod can vary greatly, depending on the task. This means that the dimension span, the maneuverability of the camera, and the length of the rod varies equally.

We have camera solutions for those wishing to become a sewer contractor, as well as for those who simply need an extra TV inspection camera. Our selection of push cameras are available in a range of types and prices. It is usually always possible to find one matching your economy, wishes, and needs.

We carry many different TV inspection cameras for straight stretches and branch lines in order to meet your needs in the best possible way.

All push cameras for straight stretches include an axial camera head, a push rod, and a control unit. The camera solutions vary depending on picture resolution, and the length, type, and number of included push rods.

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