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Sewer trucks

We sell 2-, 3- or 4-axle vehicles according to your specifications as a combination units with suction flushing or suction flushing with water re-cycling. It is possible to build the sewer truck on most chassis, such as Mercedes Benz, MAN, Scania, Volvo etc.

EVERYTHING is possible - we can offer tailor-made construction of your mud cleaner according to your needs and wishes. C-Line is your option for a customer-tailored solution. We offer e.g. stainless steel tank, ADR, fallout drum on end cover, cabinets to measure.

A URACA P3-P45 high-pressure pump is normally offered, which delivers 372 ltr./min. We can offer a more powerful high-pressure coil with a URACA P3-P45 pump that delivers 472 ltr./min. The solution can either be delivered together with a DN25 (1”) high-pressure hose with up to 300 mtr. on the high-pressure coil or a DN32 (5/4”) of 200 mtr.

If there is a need for ultra high pressure, we can also offer it with a HAMMELMANN HDP 202 101 ltr/min at 1.00 bar with og without separate water tank.

A 5" suction hose with a length of 20 m is normally offered, where the 16 m. are efficient and delivered from, for example, a TruckMaster 2500 with 2500 m3/h (35 m/s). If necessary, that solution can be changed to a 6" suction hose with a length of 17 m, of which the 11 m are effective. If applicable, we recommend a TruckMaster 3400 suction pump with 3400 m3/h (35 m/s).

The XL crane arm with the advancement of both suction and flushing hoses on an FFG sewer truck is completely unique. With a boom extension of 6.2 mtr and a lifting height of up to 4.05 mtr and a lifting capacity of 500 kg, the boom is in a special class.

As an additional option, 1 or 2 hydraulic suction hose carriers can be installed on the vehicle, e.g. a 50 mtr. DN75 drum on the right side of the tank and/or a 30-50 mtr DN50 on the left side.

Extra high-pressure hose reels in DN10, DN13 or DN19 can also be installed on the vehicle with 80-120 mtr. A total of 3 hoses can be placed on the vehicle in right and left rear under the tank and one on boom.

In addition to a radio remote control in a belt model, we can also offer an additional hand-held remote control with 13 functions. In addition to this, most functions of the mud cleaner can be operated with hydraulic handles at the boom.

Vogelsang pump for switching water is often a solution we install.

As winter protection in Sweden and Denmark, we recommend a solution down to minus 10 C. If additional protection is needed, a solution down to minus 25 C is offered.

FFG is known for low constructions, most sewer trucks are a maximum of 3.71 mtr. tall. We can build lower, but that puts demands on the choice of chassis.

elephant connect is vehicle data and real-time parameters via a virtual dashboard. Predefined parameters are displayed here and fast service through remote diagnostics is possible to ensure high uptime for the customer. Updates via elephant connect are also possible.

READ more on FFG Umwelttechnik homepage here.

Order a sewer truck in series production - shorter delivery time & cheaper

At FFG Umwelttechnik, we can also sewer trucks from their elephant-S-line, which offer pre-configured vehicles with combination systems or water recycling systems. Series production means lower price and faster delivery! This is because the vehicle is not first assembled in raw construction and then painted. Chassis is determined in advance for either Mercedes Benz or Scania. These vehicles have high quality, practical standard equipment, short delivery times and attractive prices. They provide a 24-month warranty on the elephant-S line.

A good alternative to the S-line is the elephant E-line, which is also based on standard modules. Here you can choose the chassis brand as well as adaptation of pump specifications and type, either pressure converter or lamellar vacuum pump, hose sizes and the like.

It should be noted that it is not possible to change the tank structure or the location of the piston positions. However, external mandrels can be chosen, either manual or hydraulic. There is also the option of choosing either a belt or hydraulic drive for the pumps. E-line can also be offered with ADR construction.

This customization option still provides an efficient build, resulting in a shorter delivery time and lower price.

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