WILPOX® LC is a 1K epoxy resin system for relining styrene-free

Epoxy for UV & LED

F. WILLICH has developed a revolutionary light-curing epoxy resin for synthetic liners, which is sold under the product name WILLPOX® LC. The product is also sold as a basic product for BRAVOLINER as a private brand under the name BRAVO UVPox.

WILLPOX® LC is a solvent-free 1K epoxy resin system free of styrene with low or almost no odor nuisance.

WILLPOX® LC is suitable due to the adapted reactivity for relining, where the actual curing process takes place with UV and LED light.

Before installation, the flexible liner will be impregnated with epoxy resin and then inserted into the defective pipe using compressed air. Unlike other systems, the curing process is not controlled by temperature measurement in the liner from the UV or LED light, but solely by the light starting a chemical reaction which is exothermic, i.e. develops heat. When the LED or UV light is switched on inside the inverted liner, a chemical reaction starts automatically in the epoxy in the liner that cannot be stopped by external influences, and this ensures that the impregnated liner is fully cured and achieves good adhesion to the pipe wall.

WILLPOX LC is characterized by a high E modulus, which increases the stability of the cured liner compared to conventional light curing. Short-term modulus of elasticity greater than 3,400 MPa and reliably achieved.

The viscosity of the liquid is high, which means that excess epoxy is not left partially uncured at the bottom of the laterals.

Impregnation under controlled conditions in the workshop with a liquid temperature in the range of 20-23 degrees C ensure an easy and light impregnation.

The installation process of the liner itself has a high level of safety, where targeted control of the speed of the light train in the liner makes it possible to stop completely if necessary.

WILPOX® LC he is used in all types of liners with synthetic fibers and/or fiberglass for both main lines and house installations both inside and outside.

A DIBt approval from the German Institute for Building Technology, Berlin is expected to be ready during October 2022.

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