Complete TV-vans

IBAK delivers turnkey concepts and is responsible for interior construction of vands and lorries, delivery of equipment, quality testing and training before delivery.

If you need high-quality IBAK TV van for TV-inspection, then you have come to the right place. At C-TV Technology, you can find different models of IBAK TV-vans, equipment built as goods or trucks.

Combining a TV inspection vehicle with a PTO driven high pressure unit is possible. It is possible to combine an electric or pneumatic cutter solution from IBAK with a TV-inspection system and use the same control system for both systems or as a "stand alone" system in a vehicle. We tailor the solution so that it fits the individual customer's wishes and needs.

Below is a sample of the types of structures we often sell. The construction is done with standard components à la Lego blocks, so the possibilities are many, and it is possible to get just the configuration and version you want.

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