elephant S-line is the Series production line from FFG UmweltTechnik

elephant S-line

elephant-S line are pre-configured vehicle models that are manufactured in series production at FFG Umwelttechnik. Based on years of experience, FFG has developed a modular concept as a standard solution called the S line, it is designed to meet most tasks within sludge suction.

The tank arrangement, the location of piston positions and the size of the vacuum and flushing pump have been carefully selected so that most tasks can be solved.

This standard solution has the advantage that once the tank and other components are painted in the customer's colors, assembly of the structure becomes easier. By using this assembly line method, the delivery time is reduced to just 5-6 weeks after receiving the chassis. Optimized workflows result in a more attractive price.

- Chassis Volvo or Mercedes
- Belt drive for suction and flushing pump
- XL boom up to 6.2 metres
- 20 mtrs. 5" suction hose located on top of tank
- 160 or 200 meters of 1" flushing hose placed on top of the tank
- 60 or 80 meters ½" washing hose on the right side
- A URACA flushing pump that delivers approx. 330 liters per minute at approx. 170 bar
- A vane or liquid suction pump, e.g. Truckmaster of 2500 m2
- Automatic movement of piston
- Radio remote control with multiple channels

Some of the key standard features of the S line include:

Here is a selection of what others have chosen:

In addition, it is possible to choose additional functions for an additional payment and a slightly longer delivery time:
Here is a selection of what others have chosen:

There is a 24-month warranty on the S-line.The models shown below are the basic model for the individual vehicles.Call us to find out if your wishes and needs can be met during S-line production.


- Additional hydraulic flushing pump located in a cabinet with low water volume for gun work

- Oil stove with frost protection down to -10 degrees
- LED beam light
- Option to change the cabinets, e.g. closed cupboards on both sides
- Hose reel for the flushing hose either on the right or left side and on the boom
- Suction transport roller on the side of the tank or on the back of the cover (exclude hose reel on the boom)
- Voegelsang pump either on the right or left side, for over-pumping.

- Winch, mounted on the crane either electric 250 kg or hydraulic 450 kg (not approved for personal lifting)

   The crane arm can be approved for installation of fall protection

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