Rat Stop Plug

Effective and Secure Sealing of Inactive Pipelines

Our rat stop plug is designed for the permanent sealing of dead and inactive pipelines. This solution is ideal for use in sewer systems where it is necessary to prevent rats and other pests from accessing unused pipes. With a rat stop plug, you can ensure a tight and reliable seal that protects your system from unwanted intruders.

Key Features and Benefits:

Permanent Solutions: The plug is perfect for the permanent sealing of dead pipelines, ensuring they do not become access points for rats and other pests.

Easy Installation: The plug can be quickly and easily installed using a quick coupling with a check valve on your air push rods. This allows for the plug to be disconnected as soon as it is inflated, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly installation.

Secure Sealing: For an even more secure seal, we recommend filling the remaining dead pipeline with concrete. This prevents any form of access to the inactive pipe and provides extra protection against pests.

Durable Construction: Made from robust materials that ensure long life and reliable performance under demanding conditions.

Applications: Suitable for use in sewer systems, industrial pipelines, and other areas where it is necessary to seal inactive pipes.

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