Suction Excavator

Suction Excavator

A suction excavator and a mud vacuum cleaner are both types of vacuum trucks, but they have different areas of application and functions:

Suction excavator

Application: A suction excavator is primarily used to remove soil, gravel, sand, and other loose materials from construction sites, excavations, and other places where traditional digging can be difficult or time-consuming. They can suck materials from depths and places where manual digging would be difficult.

Function: The suction excavator is equipped with a powerful suction unit that can handle heavy and compact materials. It can e.g. suction away soil around pipes, cables or foundations without damaging these structures.

Typical tasks: Removal of soil from narrow or hard-to-reach areas, precision digging for infrastructure projects, cleaning of construction sites.

Sewer truck

Application: A sewer truck is primarily used to remove liquid and semi-liquid waste materials such as sludge, waste water, grease and the like from sewers, septic tanks, wells, and industrial containers.

Function: The sewer truck is equipped with tanks and pumps that can handle large quantities of liquid and sludge. It often has a high-pressure cleaning function that enables it to loosen and rinse waste materials so that they can be vacuumed up more easily.

Typical tasks: Cleaning and emptying of sewers, septic tanks, oil separators and industrial tank sludge, cleaning after floods.

Short summary

Suction excavator: Removes solid and loose material such as soil and gravel from construction sites and excavations.

Sludge suction: Removes liquid and semi-liquid waste materials such as sewage and sludge from sewers and septic tanks.

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