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Inspection equipment

The main category which describes the various options for conducting a TV inspection in the sewer network is shown here.

TV inspection of mains can be done in the simplest form with a manual hand push camera and in a more advanced version also of mains with mains camera. The dimension range covers pipe dimensions DN70 - DN400 mm with a feed length of up to 80 mtr.

A mobile self-propelled tractor system provides the opportunity to inspect slightly larger mains. The dimension range typically covers pipe dimensions DN100 - DN600 mm with a feed length of up to 300 mtr.

An IBAK TV inspection vehicle is the complete vehicle solution, where the TV inspection is performed by a TV operator from inside the vehicle's TV operator area in a temperature-controlled environment. The self-propelled tractor systems typically cover the dimension range DN70 - DN2000 mm with a feed length of up to 600 mtr. Here it is also possible via an branch line tractor system to inspect branch lines which lay up to 140 mtr. away from the vehicle and then inspect plug-on-plug wires with a length of up to 40 mtr.

IBAK equipment can also be delivered as Ex Zone 1 equipment according to the ATEX directive.

For reporting the errors and damages observed by the TV operator, it is possible to purchase TV inspection software that meets the DS / EN 13508-2 standard as well as the Danish Photo Manual for easy and simple reporting. Regardless of the choice of solution, the end result is a complete damage report, where all observed errors and deficiencies are categorized and divided according to damage degrees. The report contains pictures of all observations and usually also includes a complete video of the entire inspected pipe section. The software is available in various versions, including for push, tractor and TV car system as well as in office version

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