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TV inspection software

What is TV inspection software for the sewer?

TV inspection software for sewers is a type of software used for inspecting sewer systems by using cameras and sensors. This software is designed to help the operator analyse and evaluate video images and other data gathered during inspection of the sewer system.

TV inspection software typically allows the operator to record and save video images from the inspection, and analyse these images to identify any issues or damage to the sewer system. The software can also include functions to measure pipe diameter, identify blockages, and generally help evaluate the quality of the sewer system.

TV inspection software for sewers can be an important part of the maintenance of sewer systems, and can help identify potential issues before they become serious and require extensive repairs. This means an objective logging of observations in the system is carried out.

DanDas standards met

DanDas is used as the standard for exchanging sewer network information by water companies. We offer TV inspection software that meets DS/EN 13508-2 standards, as well as the photo manual for inspection and condition evaluation of drain systems outside buildings, and code system for visual inspection.

Deformation measuring of drainage pipes is an optional extra with IKAS Evolution inspection software and comes included as standard with WinCan VX. The inspection method and deformation measuring method are described in detail by Technological Institute.

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