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Point liner

Point renovation or PointLiner is used for minor damage to a sewer line, where you can simply carry out repairs at the exact place where the damage is located. The renovation takes place without excavation "No-dig" and is therefore an easy, fast and economical solution. With this method, you often avoid having to embark on a major sewer renovation and costly excavations. It is also possible to use the methods indoors for fall trunks instead of decomposition / replacement. In all cases, the pipes must be cleaned before installation.

Spot renovation or Pointliner is a method used for spot repair with fiberglass and silicate chemistry of a less damaged area. The area size that can be repaired depends on the dimension of the damaged pipe but typically goes from 60 cm up to 3-4 mtr. It is possible to successively repair areas one after the other with overlap. This makes the method applicable from the dimension range DN 50 - DN 1200 with a total repair distance of up to 12-15 mtr. Curing time approx. 1 hour by cold curing.

In our large selection of equipment and products used in point renovation of sewers, you can find glass fabrics in various sizes, stretch foil, packers, chemicals and PointLiner equipment. Further down the page, you can read more about which tasks are typically suitable for a point renovation, just as you will find a step-by-step guide to point renovation.

Pointlining is often the fastest and most economical solution when repairing lines shorter than 15 meters.

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