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How is cutter equipment used after relining?

After a relining job in the sewer, remnants of the old pipe may remain. Cutter equipment may be necessary to remove them, as well as to clear the pipe for any blockages and open laterals in relined pipes.

It is important to select the correct cutter equipment after a relining. It is also important to use the equipment with care, so it doesn't damage the newly installed lining.

Before using the cutter equipment, the sewer system must be inspected to identify potential obstructions and blockages. The equipment can then be placed in the pipe and used. The cutter equipment will cut through any remnants of the old pipe and clear the sewer system.

We recommend working with a professional sewer company when using the equipment; one that has experience in this type of job and can ensure its correct and safe completion.

Shown here is our selection of IBAK cutter vehicles, including IBAK cutter lorry or van, mobile and handheld cutter solutions, plus a variety of cutter heads.

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