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The overall category which describes the various options for tracking in the sewer itself as well as searching for pipes and cables in and around the sewer network.

Pipe and cable finder equipment is used to search for the location and depth of active electrical cables as well as "dead power cables" without power supply. We have metal detectors and cover detectors that search in vertical and horizontal dimensions respectively, ground plan for metal objects in ground e.g. covers and stopcocks.

Mobile equipment with radar system can make measurements down to 10 mtr. depth and allows the user to have a 3D recording of the objects identified and their location, which are within the scanned area.

As for products for the daily tracking work, we offer tracking powder in four different colors for detecting connections or changes of direction in the pipe system. We have stand-alone smoke cartridges with limited smoke development for detecting leakage in smaller pipe systems. For larger systems, an automated smoke machine with remote control and smoke liquid in cartons is used to locate the leak, rather than cartridges.

As part of the operator's personal safety, when people move down the drain, we can offer protection with a gas detector for measuring oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, and explosive gases at the same time. The equipment complies with the executive order on sewer work BEK no. 473.

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