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Smoke palled and smoke machines

C-TV sells both smoke cartridges and different smoke machines for smoke testing. Smoke test is used when you want to be sure that there are no damage, leaks or rat passages in the sewer pipe. It is an easy and harmless way to detect any faults and leaks in a sewer. In a few moments you get an overview of the leak and can move on with the work.

Simply ignite smoke palled with matches or lighters. The burning time at our smoke cartridges are on 60 seconds and if smoke develops. For smoke cartridges are also available smoke machine in our range. You can get portable smoke machine built in stainless steel, with battery and blow function.

Apart from smoke cartridges, we also offer a smoke generator from ROM - eSTEAM. The amount of smoke can be adjusted so that the smoke sample can be made in any situation. The remote control that comes with it allows for free movement.

SmokeStopper, which is used to unplug the sewer pipe, can be purchased.Smoke pellets or smoke machines are utilized to find leaks in sewer systems or similar.

Leaks can be quickly found!

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