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Smoke pellets and smoke machines

What are smoke pellets for the sewer?

Smoke in the sewer network is generally used to locate leaks or blockages in the pipes, and smoke pellets are an essential tool for sewer contractors. A amoke pellet can be used for a variety of purposes and is especially suited for locating leaks in:

  1. Pipes
  2. Sewers
  3. Chimneys
  4. Ventilation
  5. Industrial and manufacturing plants

If rats have been found in a sewer, a smoke pellet can determine whether the rats have caused holes in the pipes.

A smoke pellet can also be used for testing air conditioning and ventilation systems. The smoke can determine how the air moves through the vents and rooms that make up the system.

It is important to note that smoke pellets can be hazardous if used incorrectly, since they could release toxic chemicals or cause a fire. You must therefore always follow the manufacturer's instructions and take appropriate precautions when working with smoke pellets.

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