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To ensure efficient cleaning with a high-pressure washer of any kind, it is necessary to mount a nozzle at the end of the high pressure unit hose. The leading suppliers of flushing nozzles and sewer nozzles are Warthog and USB Nozzles, and therefore you will also find a large selection of these here with us; we lead i.a. root cutters, cleaning nozzles, bottom nozzles, rotary nozzles and special nozzles. You can find all the products and detailed descriptions of them in the menu on this page.

A limited selection of our total nozzle program is shown below. If you want to see all types and sizes of nozzles and accessories, you should study the Product Catalog from USB Düsen, or the Product Catalog from Warthogs with water cutting nozzles.

All our nozzles are adapted when ordering to your specific sewer truck or high-pressure jetter before delivery. This requires us to be informed of the water flow and pressure as well as the dimensions and length of the flushing hose. In this way, we ensure that you get optimal use and efficiency in your work.

We will deliver the nozzle with exact specifications to match your high expectations!

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