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What is a sewer nozzle?

A sewer nozzle is a nozzle used for cleaning and maintaining sewer networks. The nozzles spray water or a mixture of water and pressurised air into the sewer pipes to create a high pressure stream which removes blockages, dirt, and waste.

The nozzles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the specific needs for the task at hand. For example, some nozzle types are designed to cut through blockages in the pipes, while others are more suited for removing dirt and waste from the pipes. 

Sewer nozzles are usually used by sewer cleaning businesses or local municipalities for maintaining and cleaning sewer networks and preventing blockages and damage to the pipes.

We adapt the nozzle to your equipment and needs

Are you a sewer contractor in need of new nozzles? Then we are here to help. We carry a large selection of nozzles for cleaning sewers; you will find root cutters, cleaning nozzles, bottom cleaners, rotary nozzles, and specialised nozzles. Additionally, we can adapt the nozzle so it fits your exact high pressure pump: Simply let us know pump pressure, ltr./min., hose dimension, and length, and we will ship the nozzle to you straght from the factory. 

Whether dealing with roots growing in joints or debris in the sewer, we have the nozzle for you. You will find nozzles in all sizes from 1/8" or DN 3 up to 5/4" or DN 32. We will also adapt the high pressure nozzle to precisely fit your high pressure unit.

This is why you must let us know the pump pressure, water capacity per minute, and hose size when contacting us. It ensures that you will receive just the right nozzle.

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