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Rat traps

What is a rat trap?

A rat trap is a mechanical barrier designed to prevent rats and other rodents from entering a building or an area. It can be a physical barrier, such as a metal plate or a wire mesh, or it can be a chemical barrier treated with hazardous substances avoided by rats and other rodents.

Rats can present a serious health risk, as they carry diseases and cause damage to buildings and property. It is important to implement rat traps to protect  against their invasion and damage. It can be a good idea to contact a pest control professional to find the best solution in order to keep rats out of your home or workplace.

Which rat trap should I choose?

We only sell the best rat traps on the market from Nordisk Innovation and CAMRO ProStop.

We offer model TX11 universal in all sizes from DN 100 - 400 mm. We also have specialised conical models for stocking-lined pipes.

We have a price guarantee - Call for your price!

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