C-TV Hotbox - 28 ltr./200 bar without cirkulation pump
    • C-TV Hotbox - 28 ltr./200 bar without cirkulation pump

    C-TV Hotbox - 28 ltr./200 bar without cirkulation pump

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    MSRP: kr.34,990.00

    Portable hotbox 80kW/diesel with oil burner for heating of water for relining.

    Lower curing time by sending hot water through the pipe.

    Capacity 28 ltr./min. with temperature increase +60 deg. C.  

    Connections hot/cold water: 3/8" outside thread. Working pressure max. 200 bar.

    220v (can be delivered with 12v for vehichle)

    Hoses not included.


    Epoxy coated steel frame with mantle of stainless steel.

    Safety valve:
    Built-in adjustable bypass valve for infinitely regulation of water amount.

    Kettle and oil burner:
    Double sided air cooled steel kettle with 16mm flow spiral which ensures a very high efficiency with a minimum of energy consumption.

    Environmentally friendly burn values, 10-11% CO2, soot number 1-2. Thermostat control prevents overheating. Infinitely variable temperature control from 0-130°C.

    Burner effect ca. 80 kW. 

    Usage: approx. 9 ltr./diesel an hour at full power.


    Data sheet

    Product classification
    Max 200 bar on water connection
    Diesel tank
    20 ltr.
    Length x width x depth
    0,7 x 0,57 x 0,8 m
    65 kg
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