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German IBAK is the world's leading manufacturer of TV inspection equipment for the sewer industry, including cameras, robots, and software. Their products are used by public and private utility companies worldwide for inspection and maintenance of pipelines and sewer networks.

With more than 75 years of experience in both both development and production, IBAK deliver high performance with modern components and solutions, all while maintaining a high degree of reliability.

IBAK's specialty is complete TV-inspection vehicles, with or without a lateral module, and can also deliver combined TV- and high pressure jetter vehicles.

Furthermore, IBAK designs and produces sewer pipe cutters, both as motorized and push systems, which are both electrical, thereby negating the need for a noise air compressor.

The product assortment also includes specialized equipment such a well scanners and the new 3D GeoSense system which enables the production of 3D drawings of the inspected pipe system.

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