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Trelleborg are, with 100 years of experience in their field, a world leader in blocking, sealing, dampening, and protecting important structures in demanding environments. Their solutions help create security and keep traffic flowing on roads and railways, in ports and ship terminals, on bridges and in tunnels, and in buildings and power plants.

Trelleborg aim for sustainable products and production

Trelleborg are very conscious of climate change. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of materials supporting infrastructure, they claim part of the responsibility and strive to meet global goals in the production cycles of their products and the whole way in which they deliver their comprehensive services. They call this approach Sustainability By Design.

It is no coincidence that such a large manufacturer of materials for maritime and infrastructure purposes focus greatly on their global footprint. Shipping and the maritime transport sector are projected to release 50% more CO2 annually by 2050. This is why Trelleborg are pulling the handbrake on climate change, and are actively working towards reducing the total environmental footprint of the industry sector.

Thoroughly tested products and solutions from Trelleborg

The entirety of Trelleborg's wide range of products and solutions for infrastructure, shipping, docking, and mooring is designed, tested, and manufactured in-house. Trelleborg have absolute control over the choice of sustainable energy sources when choosing to concentrate all their activity within their own facilities. Internal production also gives them greater options of developing environmentally friendly materials in conjunction with their technological advancements.

With Trelleborg, you choose innovative and sustainable products

Trelleborg work, in conjunction with suppliers and customers, towards developing and cementing sustainability throughout the entirety of their development and production process. This makes the entire supply chain work together to achieve improvements in sustainability.  The result of this cooperation is a higher degree of efficiency, ultimately benefitting all users of Trelleborg products. 

All this guarantees a solid product when choosing Trelleborg. Our pipe stoppers are just the tip of the iceberg from this global manufacturer, but even the smallest products are designed and manufactured for extensive use.

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