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Whether reporting directly on your camera, in your TV inspection van, or at home in the office after the inspection, WinCan have a solution for you. All versions come in a variety of languages. Shown here is our selection of reporting software for TV inspections.

WinCan makes reporting easy and accurate using the newest software

Swiss company WinCan are among the world's leading manufacturers of TV reporting software. The software is cloud-based, making it easy for you to share data across employees, functions, and teams. When purchasing WinCan, you are paying for a licence, which includes updates and is paid annually. This means that any WinCan purchase guarantees you the latest software.

Buy WinCan for your camera, TV van, or the office PC

WinCan ProTouch for sewer cameras can be used on a regular PC as well as on a touchscreen - and the interface is designed so that you can hit the right buttons, even when wearing gloves. ProTouch can record live video from your camera and save it as a digital file, and you can also pause and take photos along the way, which are then also saved. You can also easily save your own comments - you don't need to pay attention to measurement data, as WinCan saves it automatically along the way. Professional inspection reports are similarly easy and straightforward to make.

Like ProTouch, VX Advanced and VX Expert can also be used for live inspections. These versions are not used directly on the camera, but are instead installed on a PC in the TV van and offers additional and more advanced functions.

For post-treatment of data, you need WinCan VX Entry and the WinCan VX office version. The office version is designed for pre- and post-treatment of inspection data, and several different kinds of reports can be generated.

Our help for your purchase of WinCan

TV inspection software is a complex product, and you might be unsure as to which version will cover your needs. You are always welcome to call us for a chat about the different options, and what is the right choice for you. Call us on +45 20 60 30 18 or send us a mail at and we will be happy to advise you before purchasing WinCan software.

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