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Warthog jet cutters are for cleaning sewer pipes. This specialised type of nozzle has been developed by the American company StoneAge; a world leader in the manufacture of rotary nozzles. Many years of experience and continuous development have given Warthog nozzles an unmatched cleaning capacity, and even the smallest models provide efficient root cutting in the sewer.

The water jet cutter is a versatile rotary nozzle

Aside from its practical root cutting, a water jet cutter can also be used to remove other unwanted debris from sewer pipes. Its typical use is aimed at deposits and roots, but the nozzles can also be used to remove grease, sand, sludge, and pebbles.

The great advantage with rotary nozzles is that they are water-powered. This means they can be gentle with less robust pipes, such as plastic ones, and they can also navigate bends in the pipes. 

The Magnum series of water jet cutters have been developed with recycled water in mind. Their steel constructions have a stronger build; right from the inner components to the nozzle. If they are maintained with regular service and replacement of nozzle tips when needed, they can last for many years.

Find the right rotary nozzle for you with our help

You will find many different models of Warthog by StoneAge jet cutters in our inventory. We carry models for different pipe dimensions and with different water pressures. If you would like to hear more about a certain water jet cutter, or if you need guidance in choosing the right one, you are always welcome to contact us.  

We have more than 20 years experience with professional sewer equipment, which we call upon when helping you make the right choice. Call us on +45 20 60 30 18 or send a mail to and we will be more than happy to have a chat with you about your next water jet cutter.

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