C.Scope MXL4 Pro Cable Locator
  • C.Scope MXL4 Pro Cable Locator
  • C.Scope MXL4 Pro Cable Locator
  • C.Scope MXL4 Pro Cable Locator

C.Scope MXL4 Pro Cable Locator

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The C.Scope MXL4 Pro Cable Locator is an advanced tool designed for the precise location of underground cables and wires. Functions such as Peakhold, AlarmZone, and SwingSensor ensure accurate searching, while the data logger saves up to 1 year of data. The MXL4 Pro offers four search modes: Power, Radio, Transmitter, and All Scan, and can find metal pipes, electrical and telephone cables, as well as fiber optic cables. Perfect for contractors, utilities, and technicians.

Technical Details:

  • Depth indicator: 3 m for cables, 10 m with probe
  • Search Modes: Power, Radio, Transmitter, All Scan
  • Frequencies: 33 kHz + 131 kHz, 8 kHz, 512 Hz, and 640 Hz
  • High sensitivity and noise reduction
  • AlarmZone and SwingSensor
  • Data logger: 1 year of data
  • IP65
  • LCD backlight
  • Battery capacity: 40 hours


Precise Detection: Higher sensitivity and noise reduction enable the detection of even the weakest signals, reducing the risk of missing important underground installations.
Peakhold Function: Displays the highest signal strength point, making it easy to relocate specific points.
AlarmZone: Alerts for cables very close to the surface and allows fine-tuning of search depth, enhancing safety.
SwingSensor: Dynamic sensor with gentle alarm to the user if the locator is swung too much, ensuring more accurate detection.
Data Logger: Stores up to 1 year of data, which can be extracted via USB cable. Free C.Scope PC Toolkit and Relay App for smartphones can be downloaded from the C.Scope website.
Robust and Reliable: Comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring reliability and long lifespan in daily operations.
Flexible Application: With four different search modes (POWER, RADIO, TRANSMITTER, ALLSCAN), the MXL4 cable locator can adapt to various tasks and signals, making it versatile and effective in many situations.
Advanced Detection Technology: The MXL4 benefits from three detection frequencies and an actual signal measurement function, aiding in the successful identification of specific pipes and cables.
Long Battery Life: The battery capacity provides up to 40 hours of operation, ideal for extended projects without frequent recharging.
GPS and Bluetooth (optional): Options for GPS and Bluetooth transfer to a GPS map, where current coordinates of pipes and cables are mapped. GPS software can be downloaded for free from the C.Scope website and works with Google Maps or Google Earth.
Advanced Search Technology: TRANSMITTER mode with C.Scope MXT2 signal generator (optional) emits simultaneous frequencies (33 kHz + 131 kHz) and can detect signals from both metal and non-metal pipes with a detection depth of up to 7 meters.

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