ibos Combo 11 sewer cleaner
  • ibos Combo 11 sewer cleaner
  • ibos Combo 11 sewer cleaner
  • ibos Combo 11 sewer cleaner
  • ibos Combo 11 sewer cleaner
  • ibos Combo 11 sewer cleaner

ibos Combo 11 sewer cleaner

Sewer cleaner with 11 m3 tank built on a superstructure / frame from Czech producer ibos. The preferred truck brands are MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Scania.

The photo series shows a 3-axle structure on an DAF truck. The sewer cleaner unit can also be delivered in 2- or 4-axle versions with smaller or larger tank.

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Standard equipment:



- cylindrical steel tank.

- steel thickness 6mm

- volume ca. 11.000 ltr.

- sludge/water = approx. 7.000/4.000 ltr.

- piping DN50.

- storz C armature.

- free flow according to drinking water regulations.

- level indicator scale with exterior view in pipes, with ball floaters.

- hydraulic back lid, top-mounted, opens in the whole diameter of the tank.

- emptying via tip or overpressure.

- bottom suction DN100 with pneumatic gate valve.

- top suction DN125 with ball valve, approx. 2/3 of tank height.


Vacuum system:

- JUROP PVT 200 vacuum pump, capacity approx. 1.230 m3/hour, 33 kW.

- piping DN100.

- PTO-driven via V-belt incl. protective cover.

- pneumatic clutch.

- suction dome with overfill protection.

- centrifugal separator with metal plates, net insert and ball valve.

- Noise silencer with combined oil separator.

- pressure pipe of vacuum pump with reverse valve and full-lift safety valve tested on 0.5 bar.

- reduction underpressure valve to spare the vacuum pump.

- 4-way switching faucet in intake and pressure pipe.

- possibility for pneumatic activation of "suction", "air", and "pressure".

- easy maintenance thanks to good approachability and simple fastening equipment.


High pressure system:

- Pratissoli MWR 45 high pressure pump, capacity approx. 267 ltr./min. at 150 bar, 80 kW.

- drive from chassis PTO with V-belt, incl. protective cover.

- pneumatic clutch, operated from controlpanel.

- piping DN 25, incl. fitting for reduction of pressure loss.

- inlet pipe with gate valve and intake filter with stainless steel net insert.

- discharge of rest water - pneumatically for all parts leading water.

- pneumatically controlled relief valve, as overflow valve against overload, adjustable.

- rotatable hydraulic high pressure hose reel, mounted on rear lid of tank, capacity approx.  120 mtr. 1" high pressure hose.

- easy maintenance with good access and simple fastening equipment.


Control panel:

- engine: regulation of motor revs (+/-) and measurering of number of revs.

- high pressure pump: ON/OFF, with high-pressure manometer.

- vacuum pump: ON/OFF - vacuum manometer.

- four-way valve: intake - balancing - pressure.

- suction dome gate valve: open/close.

- intake inlet: open/close.

- tank: tilt.

- emptying flap: open/close.

- emergency stop.


Radio remote control:

- engine: gas +/gas -

- high pressure pump: ON/OFF.

- four-way valve: intake - pressure - air.

- gate valve of the intake boom: open/close.

- main-joystick: - high pressure reel/boom.

- emergency stop.


Hose tubs:

- stainless steel tub, on the left side, open.


Accessories box:

- on the right side of the vehicle, according to built-in dimensions.


Working light:

- firmly mounted halogen light.


Rotating warning beam:

1x installed in rear.


Equipment - chassis:

- underrun protection.

- side marker lights.

- side run protection.

- plastic mudguards.


Paint (painting of single parts):

- monochromatic tank lacquer, on acrylic base.

- standard RAL color tone according to customer wish.

  (1x sandblasting, 1x priming coat, 2x filling, 1x upper lacquer layer thickness not less than 100 μ).


Warning elements:

- reflective foil according to DIN 30710, front and rear.


Technical tests and approvals:

- test of tachograph according to § 67 b - regulation concerning traffic on the roads.

- type approval.



- construction according to DIN 30705, related to regulation concerning traffic on the roads.

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