Wiedemann Super 1000, 3-axel "Standard"
  • Wiedemann Super 1000, 3-axel "Standard"
  • Wiedemann Super 1000, 3-axel "Standard"
  • Wiedemann Super 1000, 3-axel "Standard"
  • Wiedemann Super 1000, 3-axel "Standard"

Wiedemann Super 1000, 3-axel "Standard"


The task is simple: separate water from sludge and clean it for recycled use in the high pressure system with damaging mechanicals parts such as the pump.

Cost effective solution built on 3-, or 4-axle chassis. Preferred brands are MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Scania.

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- Stainless steel cylindrical sludge tank with integrated water tank

- No filter and piston, but instead a self-cleaning mesh

- Good weight distribution with sludge in the back and clean water in the front

- Fully-automatic 1-button operation

- Very effective system with minimal need for filling and driving

- Low operation- and maintenance costs


- 2 vehicles in 1! The Super 1000 can be operated as a water recycling vehicle OR as a Combi by closing off entirely between the sludge tank and the water tank (although the clean water will ALWAYS go through the water recycling system).

- Patented cleaning system with both sedimentation and double-cyclone system integrated i one tank ensure a minimum amount of residual particles in the cleaned water. The Super 1000 is especially well suited for sludge with a high content of organic materials.

- Low amount of wear and maintenance of pumps, piping, nozzles etc. because of the use of very clean water for the high pressure system (ALWAYS from the recycling system) compared to conventional water recycling systems which DO NOT clean the water before transferring it to the high pressure system, but instead only push the sludge water through a mechanical filter.

- Emptying by tipping 50° eliminates the need for a heavy pneumatic piston and permit 100% usage of the tank capacity. The self-cleaning backflush system with 5 bar pressured water flow can be utilized for better emptying and cleaning of the tank.

- Wiedemann's own patented liquid ring pump with cooling system (water from recycling system) gives a weight saving of 700 kg. compared to conventional water recycling systems.

- Because of the larger amount of cleaned sludge water the needs for filling and emptying both the water tank and sludgetank is reduced dramatically while there is no wait at all to fill the water tank, which permits a large reduction of driving needs and enables up to 100% more working time every day through fully-automatic continuous operation.

Technical specification:

The patented water recycling system from German company Wiedemann, which is one of the world's largest producers, utilizes a physical system without filter, which therefore never clogs, and has a capacity of 1,600 ltr./min. (3-4x maximal performance of the high pressure pump).

Patented double clutch system for the high pressure pump which ensures a more economical and ecological operation.

One-tank system in stainless steel with water tank integrated in the sludge tank with hydraulically driven plug for closing off entirely between water and sludge. Cylindrical tank with up to 14,000 ltr. sludge/water tank. Emptying by hydraulic tipping 50° and possibility to use the low pressure flushing system in the self-cleaning mesh to rinse out excess materials. Top-mounted sludge door opens hydraulically with 2 pistons.

Wiedemann have developed their own vacuum pump (liquid ring pump) which is available in 4 versions from 2,000 m3 to 4,500 m3 per hour. The pump is cooled with water from the recycling system, which enables a weight saving of approx. 700 kg.
The recycling truck is delivered with a 6,2 mtr. suction hose boom, which rotates 180 degrees, an up to 1,2 mtr. telescopic boom with 30 mtr. DN100 suction hose reel mounted horizontally on the tank. Option: can be delivered with the Spectro 360 degree system, which can rotate the boom 360 degrees and tip it 25 degrees up and 10 degrees down.

Side mounted transport reel with up to 30 mtr. DN80 suction hose or 25 mtr. DN125 suction hose.

Large DN32, 180 mtr. high pressure jetting system, fx URACA, and small high pressure jetting system DN13 can be mounted, both with hydraulic drives. Both systems can be mounted on the suction hose boom or on the rear door.

Also available is the patented camera nozzle system "Sputnik" from German minCam. The system ranges from DN100 - DN400 mainlines and in laterals even with severeal 90 degrees bends. The camera is high definition with LED lights. It is of course possible to record video, take pictures and store the files.

Wiedemann Super 2000 is delivered with 12" smart touch screen and control system to monitor all processes, with the option of performing online diagnosis of the system.

Many further options are available upon request!

Overview of the water recycling system:

The system is based on the concept of cleaning the water physically. It consists of 7 cleaning steps with the following main components:

- Sedimentation
- Self-cleaning water passage with bell shaped closure
- Cyclones

Step 1:
The sludge water has to pass the self-cleaning mesh to separate the larger materials (stones, tins, etc.). These materials are kept in the rear part of the sludge tank.

Step 2:
After the sludge water has passed the mesh it flows into a sedimentation area. In the sedimentation area the water is separated from sand, sludge and other solid matter by physical sedimentation (in the front part of the sludge tank).

Step 3:
The self-cleaning mesh with bell shaped closure serves as another interceptor of sand and leads the water into the water compartment where it flows through several other cleaning steps. The automatic self-cleaning of the mesh is done against the flow direction and with the use of already recycled water which is provided by a centrifugal pump.

Steps 4-7:
Cyclones: The water is separated from tiny sand particles by the use of centrifugal forces. The particles which had been separated from the water are automatically transported back to the sludge tank. The water is being passed thought the cyclones for 4 times. Afterwards the high pressure pump is provided with the recycled water.


Data sheet

HP Pump
350 or 417 ltr./min.
HP hose
Up to 220 mtr. DN 25 (1") and 180 mtr. DN 32 (11/4")
Sludge tank
7.000 - 14.000 ltr. stainless steel tank
Water tank
Separated compartment of sludge tank 3.000 - 4.000 ltr.
Suction hose
Up to 30 mtr. DN 100 (4") / 25 mtr. DN 125 (5") or 20 mtr. DN 150 (6")
2 nd. HP hose
OPTION: Up to 150 mtr. DN 19 (3/4")
3rd. HP hose
OPTION: Up to 80 mtr. DN 13 (1/2")
Liquid ring pump
2.000 / 3.000 / 4.000 m3/h
Transport reel
Up to 30 mtr. DN 75 (3")
Emptying of tank
Via tip of tank
Suction & HP boom
Telescopic arm 1.2 mtr. / Working Range 6.2 mtr. / Swivelling 180 Deg. OPTION SPECTRO: Up 25 Deg / Down 10 Deg. / Swivelling 360 Deg.
Suction Power
Down to 25 mtr. depth
No - certificate pending
Winter operation
- 20 deg C
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