Unless otherwise agreed in writing, C-TV Technology A/S (C-TV) supplies all deliveries under the following terms, regardless of any opposing or deviating terms in the buyer's order or acceptance.

Offer and Acceptance: Both oral and written offers from C-TV must be accepted within 8 days from the date of the offer, unless another acceptance period is specified in the offer. C-TV may cancel a previously confirmed order if the buyer has an unresolved financial matter with C-TV.

Delivery: Delivery is made ex works, so the buyer bears the risk for any accidental event of any kind that affects the goods thereafter. This applies regardless of whether C-TV bears the costs of transporting the goods according to the agreement. The buyer must arrange any insurance against damage that affects the goods after delivery. C-TV reserves the right to make partial deliveries unless otherwise agreed at the time of purchase.

Price: Applicable list price. C-TV reserves the right to make changes for any reason and without prior notice. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Payment: According to the agreement as stated on the front of the offer, order confirmation, and invoice (currently 8 days net). Interest is charged after the due date as stated on the offer, order confirmation, or invoice.

Handling Fee: C-TV has no handling fee for orders.

Packaging: Packaging is invoiced separately (currently DKK 50 per item). Single-use packaging is not returnable.

Delivery Times: Delivery times are set as far as possible according to the buyer's wishes. C-TV assumes no obligation to meet specified delivery times precisely. The delivery time is set subject to strikes, lockouts, fires, or other force majeure preventing delivery at the agreed time, as well as delays in necessary supplies or unforeseen delays in production. In case of delay, the buyer is not entitled to invoke any breach of contract remedies. The buyer is thus, for example, not entitled to cancel the purchase, claim compensation, or a proportional reduction in the purchase price.

Returns: Delivered stock items are only accepted for return by prior agreement and accompanied by a copy of the delivery note. Credit is given at 80% of the invoiced value. This assumes that the goods are marketable - including that the sales packaging is not damaged - and that delivery took place less than 6 months ago. For items returned without prior agreement, receipt will be refused. Return shipping costs are borne by the buyer. Specially processed items and specially procured goods are not returnable.

Retention of Title: Ownership of the sold item remains with C-TV until the entire purchase price, including interest, costs, etc., is fully paid.

Defects: If the item or parts thereof are defective due to material defects, manufacturing defects, or C-TV's deficient work, C-TV provides compensation equivalent to the invoiced price of the item or performs a free replacement or repair of the item or parts thereof at C-TV's discretion within a 12-month period from the date of delivery. C-TV's liability is expressly limited to the aforementioned compensation or replacement or repair, and C-TV cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages or losses, including operational losses, loss of profits, loss of time, and the like. In C-TV's sales material, the purposes for which the individual product is applicable are stated. If the product in question is used for other purposes, or if it is subjected to influences not specified in the sales material, C-TV is completely free from liability. C-TV's aforementioned liability is conditional upon immediate notification after the defect is discovered.

Complaints: The buyer is obliged to carry out a thorough inspection to ensure that the goods are in accordance with the contract upon receipt. Any complaints about delivered goods must be made immediately and no later than 8 days after delivery from C-TV.

Cancellation of Orders: The buyer's request to cancel orders must be notified to C-TV in writing. For goods not normally stocked by C-TV, cancellation cannot take place unless C-TV's written acceptance is available. The buyer is invoiced for shipping costs plus 20% of the value of the goods.

Product Liability: C-TV is only liable for personal injury if it is proven that the injury was caused by errors or negligence committed by C-TV or others for whom C-TV is responsible. Compensation can never exceed the compensation level applicable at any given time under Danish law. C-TV is not liable for damage to real estate and personal property that occurs while the sold item is in the buyer's possession. C-TV is also not liable for damage to products manufactured by the buyer or to products in which they are included. Otherwise, C-TV is liable for damage to real estate and personal property on the same terms as for personal injury, but C-TV's total liability can never exceed DKK 1,000,000, including interest and costs per damage. C-TV is not liable for indirect damages and losses such as operational losses, loss of profits, and other indirect losses. To the extent that C-TV is imposed product liability towards a third party, the buyer is obliged to indemnify C-TV to the same extent that C-TV's liability is limited according to these terms and conditions of sale and delivery. If a third party makes a claim against one of the parties for liability under this point, that party must immediately notify the other thereof. C-TV and the buyer are mutually obliged to allow themselves to be sued at the court that hears claims for damages brought against one of them based on damage allegedly caused by the sold item. SPECIAL RELINING CONSUMABLES and Point-Liner. Relining consumables are considered raw materials to be processed by the craftsman himself, therefore it is the end user's responsibility to inspect the liner and calibration hose themselves before use and assess whether the delivered goods can be used for each individual task. C-TV or its dealer cannot in any way be held liable for the finished relining.

Venue: In the event of a dispute between the parties, the dispute must be settled under Danish law by the Court in Aalborg.