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IBAK MiniLite Fit tractor system (200 metres)
  • IBAK MiniLite Fit tractor system (200 metres)
  • IBAK MiniLite Fit tractor system (200 metres)
  • IBAK MiniLite Fit tractor system (200 metres)
  • IBAK MiniLite Fit tractor system (200 metres)
  • IBAK MiniLite Fit tractor system (200 metres)
  • IBAK MiniLite Fit tractor system (200 metres)

IBAK MiniLite Fit tractor system (200 metres)

NEW! Mobile tractor system with Ø60 mm camera head on T66 tractor from German IBAK in the highest German quality.

Suitable for larger inspection tasks in residential areas. Area of application DN100 mm - DN600 mm. Possibility of direct reporting via e.g. IKAS Evolution reporting software for tractor systems in relation to the Danish photo manual.

Introduction to operating equipment, Press play:



New and improved version of IBAK MiniLite allowing live damage reports on a touchscreen. TV inspection software WinCan Pro Touch is an optional extra. Your reporting job can be finished on site, before continuing your work.

IBAK MiniLite with ORION-L swivel/rotate camera head is the top C-TV model in conduit inspection cameras. Delivered on a lightweight frame with wheels, removeable controller incl. carrying case, and removeable pipe rod drum, facilitating easy change of pipe eel, e.g. a 40 mtr. / DN15mm (optional extra). Includes all the following equipment: photo/video recorder using hard disk / USB, PC with Windows 10, 33kHz or 512 Hz probe, touchscreen with joystick, on-screen keyboard, jpeg format photos, and mpeg4 format videos.  Compatible with USB keyboard with trackball (optional extra). Makita battery pack 2x BL 1840B with quick charger DC18RC, all manufactured to the highest German quality standard.

The ORION-L camera head provides enough light to illuminate a DN500mm pipe and features zoom function (3x optic), auto-focus with adjustable focus, and adjustable aperture, i.e. how much light enters the lens. These features provide clear images regardless of working conditions. ORION-L is also a hardy camera, operating with an internal pressure of around 1 bar. This means the head is safe from sourrounding debris. The swivel/rotate mechanism is protected by an internal lubricuation system, which both lubricates moving parts and keeps out sand and dirt, protecting the motor and gears.

In our experience with the rodded IBAK ORION-L camera head is that it's possible to navigate 2-3 90° bends in a row, provided the pipe is a minimum of DN100mm.

Specifications: 10" touchscreen with joystick, integrated PC with Windows 10, on-screen text (plus photos and videos), photo/video recording function to hard disk/USB, digital metre counter, built-in 33kHz probe, 80 mtr. / DN10mm, rechargeable Makita batteries allowing 4-6 hours continuous use.

Optional Extras: IBAK NANO-L DN47mm swivel/rotate camera head (can also be delivered with this head instead of the ORION-L for the same price). IBAK HYDRUS2 DN41mm camera head. Extension kit for direct attachment to an IBAK TV truck using a cable drum.


Data sheet

Product classification
Mobile Traktor system
Inspection area
DN100 mm - DN 600 mm
Camera head
720 X 576 linjes PAL, +155 grd / -75 grd
12 Hvid LED
16x optisk
33 kH
200 or 300 mtr. cable

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