IBAK MainLite Easy tractor system
    • IBAK MainLite Easy tractor system
    • IBAK MainLite Easy tractor system
    • IBAK MainLite Easy tractor system
    • IBAK MainLite Easy tractor system
    • IBAK MainLite Easy tractor system
    • IBAK MainLite Easy tractor system
    • IBAK MainLite Easy tractor system
    • IBAK MainLite Easy tractor system

    IBAK MainLite Easy tractor system

    NEW! Mobile tractor system with Ø60 mm camera head on T66 tractor from German IBAK in the highest German quality.

    Suitable for larger inspection tasks in residential areas. Area of application DN100 mm - DN600 mm. Possibility of direct reporting via eg IKAS Evolution reporting software for tractor systems in relation to the photo manual.

    Introduction to operating equipment, press play

    Press video for Software options


    MainLite Easy is the new compact camera tractor system from IBAK - with great performance and highest German quality at a competitive price! Very flexible system that can be used with all analogue IBAK cameras and camera tractors. With the ORION camera head mounted on a T66.1 camera tractor, the system can be used from Ø100mm pipes and up, all the way up to Ø600mm with a CC5.1 extender and air rubber wheels, while no extra light is required due to the excellent LED light in the ORION camera head .

    Operation takes place via the waterproof (close to USB connector) BP100 control console with integrated PC with Windows 10, 2 joysticks and 10" touchscreen incl. protective glass with 2 USB connectors. Internet connection via USB (either WiFi or 3G/4G). Standard software is IKAS Recorder that is FREE with photo, video recording, text on screen/photos/videos, as well as overlay with date, time and meter counter. IKAS Recorder also creates a complete photo catalog in PDF format, including user-generated text on photos, for each recording , so that you can quickly and easily send documentation, even via e-mail or DropBox directly from the camera system!There is of course also the option to extract video, photos and PDF onto a USB stick via just 2 clicks in IKAS Recorder.

    Additional purchase: IBAK IKAS Evolution mobile tractor system for professional reporting software, in Danish and according to current Danish standards.

    Standard is semi-motorized KT156 cable reel with 150 mtr. camera cable, large wheels and handles, BP100 control console, T66.1 camera tractor with 3 sets of wheels (up to Ø200mm), ORION 3.0 swing/rotor camera head with integrated 33 kHz probe, CC 2.1 camera connection and pulley (well-tube).

    Additional purchases: manual riser, weight blocks and air rubber wheels for Ø500-600mm pipe, as well as vehicle kit with extension cable and mounting plate for BP100 control console, so that the cable drum can be at the well while the operator operates the system from his vehicle. A device for tipped pipes with tipping protection can also be purchased as an option.


    Data sheet

    Product classification
    Traktorsystem mobile
    Inspection area
    DN100 mm - DN 300 mm
    Camera head
    540 linjer PAL, +155 grd / -75 grd
    40 White LED
    3x optic
    33 kH
    42 kg
    150 mtr. camera cabel.
    New product
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