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KrasoTech KrasoMix Hybrid 15 mixing unit
  • KrasoTech KrasoMix Hybrid 15 mixing unit
  • KrasoTech KrasoMix Hybrid 15 mixing unit

KrasoTech KrasoMix Hybrid 15 mixing unit

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Mobile Relining system - a hybrid /combination device out of KrasoWalk and KrasoMix for up to DN400. 


Description of KrasoMix - Hybrid 15 : 

Vacuum system function:

* Premium line vacuum approx. 20m³/h

* Manometer

* Vacuum regulation

* Air diffusor with quick coupling

* 5 meter vacuum hose

* Special suction bell with gate valve

Impregnation function:

* Electro-pneumatic impregnation unit up to DN400

* Special coating on both calibration rollers- very easy to clean!

* Both calibration rollers are synchronously driven

* Forward and backward drive

* Stepless variable speed adjustment

* Immediate fully automatic opening and closing of the calibration rollers via button to the pre-adjusted gap

* MEMORY function of the gap adjustment for highest precision

* Highest safety and durability through a unique pneumatic technique

* Fast pneumatic height adjustment of the upper calibration roller

* Gap adjustment via setting wheel (display precision of 0,1mm ) - additional upgrade to display controlled gap adjustment possible

* Emergency stop button (automatic immediate separation of the calibration rollers and system stop)

* Electrical drag in protection

* Transparent safety flap with Stop function

* Incl. compressor

* In height-adjustable roller conveyor on the liner outlet

Conveyor belt:

* Conveyor belt for KrasoWalk EP 400

* Length: approx. 0,5m ( other upon agreement possible )

* Incl. tension device

* Incl. Pre-Pressure roll

* Vacuum clamp

Mixing unit function:

* Made of stainless steel and/or aluminum

* Two component epoxy mixing unit

* Flow rate: approx. 15-20 kg /min depending on the mixing ratio and material viscosity

* Mixing lance with special mixing head

* Clean operating through disposable mixers or on request with a static mixer

* Special feeding pumps

* Tanks: exchangeable Eco Tanks / barrels can be connected comfortably; customized integrated tanks available on request

* Pre-homogenization of the components for a better mixing quality

* Dry-run and plug protection

* Pressure and flow sensors

* Temperature sensors

* Automatic shut-off on blockages and/or empty tank

* Electronical monitoring, recording, and analysis of all system information

PC, incl. KrasoTech® Control and monitoring software. You receive a monitor connected to the whole unit. Therefore you have an overview over the data and can easily monitor them.
Personalized software in English (company’s logo and header in the protocol)

Documentation of:

* Date

* Time

* Jobsite

* Job-data (employees, end customer, etc. )

* Liner data (batch number, etc)

* Resin data (batch number, etc)

* Error reports

KrasoWalk® Documentation

* Speed

* Gap adjustment

* Total length

* Warning if the adjusted settings do not conform with the actual setting

KrasoMix® Documentation

* Continuous material monitoring

* Material temperature

* Flow rate

* Material amount

* Pump monitoring

* Mixing ratio

The mixing ratio is continuously monitored and stable, regardless of the media viscosity and the counter pressure.

The total mixing process can later be handed over to the end client in the form of a record file after finished renovation.

After adding the liner data, the necessary material amount will be calculated automatically. This will be set by you and can also be manually modified.

This data are guide numbers (without warranty).

Attention: This unit is a 2 component epoxy mixing unit based on a calculation of epoxy resin without fillers.

Should your chosen resin have fillers, additional components or if it is a polyester or vinylester resin, this should be requested separately.

System maintenance interval: annually (can also be done by customer)

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