C-TV Pointliner repair kit Ø250 mm w/o chemistry
    • C-TV Pointliner repair kit Ø250 mm w/o chemistry

    C-TV Pointliner repair kit Ø250 mm w/o chemistry

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    The repair kit consists of a piece of correctly cut fibreglass, 86 x (2 x 60) cm, for use in a DN250 pipe.

    Remember to order 2-component chemistry in measured bottles, either Winter or Summer, which must be mixed before use.


    C-TV Pointliner repair kit contains the necessary items to perform a pointliner repair (excl. packer). Fibreglass is cut in correct size for the relevant pipe dimension, standard length is 60 cm (double-layered) while the 2-component silicate comes in two bottles, large and small, which are mixed together thoroughly for 2 minutes, after which it is ready to be applied onto the fibreglass. A plastic covering to protect working surfaces is included.

    C-TV offer repair kits for all pipe dimensions and all lengths, of course along with the correct amount of silicate.

    Call us and order - and we will make the correct calculations and do the dirty work of cutting the fibreglass to the right size - all you have to do is focus on the actual job of installing the pointliner repair in the field!

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