IBAK NanoGator
    • IBAK NanoGator
    • IBAK NanoGator
    • IBAK NanoGator
    • IBAK NanoGator
    • IBAK NanoGator
    • IBAK NanoGator
    • IBAK NanoGator
    • IBAK NanoGator

    IBAK NanoGator

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    IBAK NanoGator consists of push-cutter incl. 2 observation cameras with cleaning function, which ensures optimal monitoring of the cutter task with the possibility of photo / video recording.

    Frame with 40 mtr. special eel, integrated length gauge, emergency stop and foot pedal.

    BP100 control panel with integrated PC, 10 "touch screen, joysticks and IBAK Recorder software.

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    NanoGator can be pushed far thanks to its special geometry. Due to its spherical design and the actively steerable cutting arm / cutter arm and the very easily sliding, yet robust pipe eel (40 meters), NanoGator is the optimal product for complex cutter tasks in small diameter branch lines.

    The turning radius of the cutter head is +/- 100 degrees. Rotatable 360 ​​degrees.

    The powerful water-cooled cutter cuts evenly into the material at up to 20,000 rpm. minute (adjustable) and therefore requires no clamping mechanism. The diamond-plated milling tool cuts all materials successfully.

    Uses distilled water from a 1 1/2 liter tank for cooling the cutting head and cleaning the cameras. Consumption approx. 1 ltr./hour.

    The camera housing has an overpressure of 1 bar. (security).

    Electrical connection 220V 50 Hz. Power 1500W. Can also be used with a generator (ONLY real sinus curve).

    Comes with 1 pc. cutter tool


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