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Cabere G200 Motorsplit for sewers
  • Cabere G200 Motorsplit for sewers
  • Cabere G200 Motorsplit for sewers

Cabere G200 Motorsplit for sewers

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MSRP: €3,096.92

G200 - Compact, powerful, easy to transport - ideal for quick use.

Stepless automatic feeder guides the cleaning spring into the pipe and back again - no effort, no dirt and no need to turn off the motor.

The stabile exchangeable drum is equipped with a freely rotating inner drum with integrated feeding tube.

Delivered with 15 m / DN20 mm spring.

Area of application: DN50-250mm pipes.


G200 is a powerful universal cleaner, characterized by a compact and lightweight design at a favourable price.

With the patented 23m / DN16 Flexikern® cleaning spring, the G200 is suitable for the removal of roots and other difficult obstacles in pipes from DN75-150mm - ideal for all drain pipes in residential areas.


It is an easy to use "one-man-operated" cleaning machine which is lightweight for easy transport and suitable for use in basements or on roofs. Quick exchange of the powder coated steel drum which can be equipped with 3 spring sizes/lengths:

DN13mm x 30.5m for house connections

DN16mm dia x 23m for removal of roots in pipes

DN20mm dia x 15m for heavy cutting

The assortment of cleaning tools can be expanded by changing to other optional drums, cleaning springs, and tools. The visible inner cage in the drum prevents entanglement of the cleaning spring during use and allows you to keep the remaining length of cleaning spring inside the pipe.


Further functions include: continuous automatic feeding, reinforced steel tube frame, DN250mm wheels, passive parking brake, foldable transport handle with guide wheels, powerful 1/3 hp capacitor motor with overload protection, pneumatic safety footswitch and a special Flexi-supply tube for optimal control of cleaning spring.




42 kg without spring



L 69 cm, W 47 cm, H 117 cm

H 66 cm, with folded handle


Exchangeable drum:

Impact resistant, powder coated steel plate drum with internal cage/net. Special Flexi-spring rube for problem-free feeding during load.

Max capacity: 15 m x DN20 mm, 23 m x DN16 mm or 30,5 m x DN13 mm Flexikern® cleaning spring. The machine can be expanded further with other drum and cleaning springs.


Easy and simple exchange of drum:

Loosen 1 screw and pull the drum off the axle.



1/3 hp electrical motor, 230 V, CE, with capacitor, overload protection, forward flow and 6 mtr. power cord.


Drum speed:

170 rpm


Pneumatic safety footswitch:

Circuit breaker with air pressure, no electrical contact between footswitch and motor.

Operator has both hands free to control the cleaning spring.


Large transport wheels and brake:

Wheels DN250mm, semi-pneumatic, for easy transport fx up and down stairs. Passive parking brake ensures a secure position during use or transport in vehicle.


Cleaning spring forwards/backwards at the touch of a button:

Change direction without having to turn off the motor; continuous 0-6,1 mtr./min.

Inc. safety feeding tube.


Handy holder for exhangeable cleaning heads is mounted on the frame.

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