MN - Pressure test system RPG-3
    • MN - Pressure test system RPG-3
    • MN - Pressure test system RPG-3
    • MN - Pressure test system RPG-3
    • MN - Pressure test system RPG-3

    MN - Pressure test system RPG-3

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    MSRP: kr.41,870.00

    Complete pressure test system with air, acc. to EN1610. Battery for 2 hours use. WLAN for PC or tablet.

    5 mtr. air connection hose and air hose with regulator and overpressure valve 0.6 bar. Report in English.

    Stand-alone system regardless of choice of PC/tablet.
    System can be expanded to testing with water, testing of man holes, testing with high pressure, or vacuum.


    RPG is a tried and tested system for self-governing of pipes and drain installations. The system has been in use for many years and is a robust and flexible system for detection of air leaks, all in accordance with DIN EN 1610.

    Using the integrated test computer, there is enough memory for 50 test results, which removes the need for an on-site PC. Preassure readings and test results are shown on the graphic display. The test reports can later be uploaded to a separate PC and processed.

    The stand-alone system ensures a long lifetime, since the PC/tablet and software can be updated at any time to prevent it becoming obsolete.

    The test software is available in several languages, including English and Danish.

    The system can be upgraded with an integrated compressor, a powerful rechargeable battery, and modular expansion packs for testing pipes using vacuum and high pressure.


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