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AI ArtIST inspection software
  • AI ArtIST inspection software
  • AI ArtIST inspection software
  • AI ArtIST inspection software
  • AI ArtIST inspection software

AI ArtIST inspection software

Condition assessment with ArtIST: Faster - more accurate - more reliable

Documenting the condition and incidents in the sewer network is both costly and time-consuming. The lack of qualified personnel and increasing workloads require increased efficiency and process optimization in the planned inspection of the sewer network. The use of artificial intelligence can be the way forward, meeting the above challenges and providing added value for automated detection of the condition in connection with the creation of inspection reports.

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AI is only as good as the data it uses

High data quality is the prerequisite for optimal processing and analysis with AI. PANORAMO 4K systems provide the best basis for this by recording the entire inner surface of the pipe in 4K resolution. We can offer two sizes of camera tractors for this, IBAK PANORAMO 150 for smaller pipes and IBAK PANORAMO camera tractor in pipe diameter up to Ø2000 mm. For the manholes themselves, the PANORAMO SI MANHOLE SCANNER in 3D is used.

The work process takes place in 4 steps:

  1. Optical inspection: The TV operator performs condition detection using camera inspection as usual.
  2. Transfer of data to the Cloud: The TV operator transfers the recordings via the IKAS evolution software to the integrated ArtIST web service in the Cloud.
  3. Analysis with AI: IBAK ArtIST performs analysis, damage detection, and classification. The damage is detected by AI and classified according to Dandas' coding system.
  4. Verification: The TV operator checks the returned results and prepares the final control report.

ArtIST is a web service that helps inspectors to capture the condition data rapidly and objectively on the basis of artificial intelligence.
• Time-saving: Faster analysis and evaluation of the inspection recordings
• Less burden: Reduces the amount of manual routine tasks during condition capture
• Schedulable: The ArtIST web service is permanently available
• Consistent: Ensures reproducible results of consistently high quality
• Objective: Standardized condition capture ensures transparency and comparability of the data basis
• Reliable: A sound data basis provides the foundation for cost-optimized rehabilitation planning

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