KrasoTech KrasoWalk 400 electric propulsion
    • KrasoTech KrasoWalk 400 electric propulsion

    KrasoTech KrasoWalk 400 electric propulsion

    VAT excluded

    Elektrical roller for relining up DN400mm. Two calibration rolls with special coating.

    Synchronized drive on both rolls, 230V.

    Foldable, light weight and compact. Aluminium and/or stainless steel.

    Synchronization of rolls, emergency stop, stepless variable speed in/out.

    Can be delivered with wheels, vacuum clap and other accessories.


    TGS KrasoWalk® ME - mobile, electrical

    • rigid mobile steel frame, handles on both sides, two large storage compartments on frame
    • roller conveyors can be folded up for easy transport
    • two electrical calibration rolls with vulcanized external coating
    • both calibration rolls operate synchronously, both forwards and backwards
    • inliner materiale doesn't slip out of position
    • comfortable roller operation (on/off + speed) via cable control
    • calibration roll speed is stepless variable
    • distance between roll can be easily adjusted with millimeter precision via adjusting wheels which are clearly legible on measuring scale

    ADVANTAGES: Simple operation, easy transport (also by stairs, i.e. down into a basement) - no hand cranks.

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