Warthog WV 1/4" Classic
  • Warthog WV 1/4" Classic
  • Warthog WV 1/4" Classic
  • Warthog WV 1/4" Classic
  • Warthog WV 1/4" Classic

Warthog WV 1/4" Classic

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Waterpowered Jet Cutter WT 3/8" for deposits and roots in DN75-DN150mm pipes.

Waterpressure from 11-30 ltr./min. Working pressure 85-350 bar.

Effective removal of grease, roots, deposits, sand, and rubble.

Economical Jet Cutter with a long life, if maintained with service kits and new nozzles.

Gentle on PVC pipes and easily navigates bends!

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Stoneage WT 3/8" Jet Cutter is designed to be the most efficient line of jet cutter nozzles for cleaning and removing obstructions in sewer pipes.


  • Cutting and cleaning with water
  • Slowly rotating nozzle is efficient at removing roots and deposits
  • Gentle on PVC pipes
  • Controlled rotation
  • Nozzles clean evenly = more productive working time
  • Fewer nozzles = more power per nozzle for superior cleaning and removal of roots and deposits
  • Long lifetime with replaceable nozzle inserts and parts

When ordering, please state:

High pressure pump specs: xxx ltr./min. at xxx bar (fx 45 ltr./min. at 150 bar)

High pressure hose specs: xxx mtr. in xxx" (fx 50 mtr. 3/8" hose)

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Data sheet

Product classification
Root cutter / multi tool
Jetting performance
11 - 30 ltr./min.
Front jet 1 x 1/8 NPT / Rear jets 2 x 1/8 NPT
Length x width x depth
76 x DN48 mm
0,6 kg
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