Warthog WHR Magnum 1/2" STANDARD
  • Warthog WHR Magnum 1/2" STANDARD
  • Warthog WHR Magnum 1/2" STANDARD
  • Warthog WHR Magnum 1/2" STANDARD

Warthog WHR Magnum 1/2" STANDARD

VAT excluded
MSRP: 20,300.00

NEW Waterpowered Jet Cutter WHR-1/2" for deposits and roots in DN150-DN450mm pipes.

Waterpressure from 60-75 ltr./min. Working pressure up to 550 bar.

Effective removal of grease, roots, deposits, sand and rubble.

Economical Jet Cutter with long life, if maintained with service kits and new nozzles.

Gentle against PVC-pipes and easily manages bends!

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Stoneage WHR-1/2" Magnum Jet Cutter is designed to be the most effective line of jet cutter nozzles for cleaning and removing obstructions in sewer pipes.


  • Optimized speed control mechanism extends maintenance intervals
  • Seal technology effectively handles dirty or recycled water
  • Flush style head protects front shaft seals for longer fluid life
  • Carbide nozzles generate higher quality jets
  • Streamlined design improves forward and reverse movement through pipe
  • Hardened steel centralizer with 4x longer life
  • New jet angles increase cleaning performance while maintaining pulling force
  • Independently replaceable fins can be easily replaced as wear occurs without opening tool body

Advantages (all StoneAge jet cutters):

  • Cutting and cleaning with water
  • Slowly rotating nozzle is effective at removing roots and deposits
  • Gentle against PVC pipes
  • Controlled rotation
  • Nozzles clean evenly = more productive working time
  • Less nozzles = more power per nozzle for superior cleaning and removal of roots and deposits
  • Long life time with replaceable nozzle inserts and parts

When ordering, please state:

High pressure pump specs: xxx ltr./min. at xxx bar (fx 60 ltr./min. at 150 bar)

High pressure hose specs: xxx mtr. in xxx" (fx 50 mtr. 1/2" hose)


Data sheet

Product classification
Root cutter / multi tool
Jetting performance
60 - 190 ltr./min.
Front jet 1 x 1/8 NPT / Rear jets 4 x 1/8 NPT
Length x width x depth
184 x DN92 mm
3 kg
New product
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