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IBAK MiniLite 3D GeoSense
  • IBAK MiniLite 3D GeoSense
  • IBAK MiniLite 3D GeoSense
  • IBAK MiniLite 3D GeoSense
  • IBAK MiniLite 3D GeoSense
  • IBAK MiniLite 3D GeoSense

IBAK MiniLite 3D GeoSense

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Measure your sewer network with the new 3D GeoSense system from IBAK's installed on IBAK MiniLite-2 TV inspection.

Inspect laterals from DN 100 to DN 200 with the 3D GeoSense system. The system consists of a specially developed camera head and associated software package including IKAS Evolution Dandas.

Push camera solution has the same functionality as a main line tractor!

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A MiniLite 2 with a calibrated ORION-L 3 SD camera head with 3D GeoSense can carry out TV inspection of pipes, determining x, y, and z coordinates in the same process. The system allows TV inspection of conduits from DN 100 and up, directly from main pipes.

The IBAK-3D GeoSense system uses a very small and accurately precalibrated sensor. The sensor must be calibrated before each use in order to prevent sensor error and ensures an accurate measurement of the conduits. Observations happen in real time on the screen. The operator chooses whether to carry out the examination while the camera head is in forward or backward motion.

To examine a stretch of main pipes, all you need is a regular MiniLite push camera with IBAK Evolution software with 3D GeoSense, and a camera head with precalibrated sensor!

Besides a complete IBAK MiniLite lead-to-lead camera (incl. 80 mtr. push rod, 33 kHZ probe, metre counter, WiFi-USB, battery, and photo/video recorder)), the following is also included:

Orion-L 3 SD camera for 3D GeoSense

PC control panel BP2

Daimos 3D pack

Additional metre counter

Tool kit

Pressure test kit

Knuckle joint and height adjuster for BP2

Keyboard holder for BP2

Industrial keyboard

IKAS Evolution software:

- Push system

- Diameter measuring

- Dandas mains and conduit module

- Map expansion pack consisting of: map display, editor, route assistant, and Navigator II

- 3D GeoSense

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