Bodus ST-150 Steam unit
    • Bodus ST-150 Steam unit
    • Bodus ST-150 Steam unit
    • Bodus ST-150 Steam unit
    • Bodus ST-150 Steam unit

    Bodus ST-150 Steam unit

    VAT excluded
    MSRP: 336,250.00

    Professional steam system with maximum yield of 150 kg/hour.

    Field of application for ST-150 steam system:

    Air quantity in m3/min:    2,0   3,0
    Liner size:Max liner length
    DN 100106 m159 m
    DN 15071 m106 m
    DN 20053 m80 m
    DN 25042 m64 m
    DN 30035 m53 m

    C-TV can also deliver the steam system in a ready-to-use trailer, see photos.



    • Light and mobile.

    • Better heat transfer to liner / epoxy with steam system.

    • Improves the mechanical properties of the cured liner.

    • Installation time of liner is 40-50% faster with steam instead of water.

    • Easy handling after curing of liner (only remove calibration hose and almost no water!).

    • Digital temperature adjustment for steam/air mixing ratios.

    • Adjustment valve for water cooling of inliner.

    • Fully automatic de-calcifying system.

    • Fully automatic water draining as winter protection.

    • Continuous air cooling of system.

    • Data recording of installation proces (optional).


    Data sheet

    Product classification
    Mobile steam unit
    230V / 50 HZ, 1100 W
    Length x width x depth
    1900 x 625 x 1475 mm
    450 kg
    Steam 150 kg/hour
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