Wiedemann Super 2000, 3-axel "Standard"
  • Wiedemann Super 2000, 3-axel "Standard"
  • Wiedemann Super 2000, 3-axel "Standard"
  • Wiedemann Super 2000, 3-axel "Standard"
  • Wiedemann Super 2000, 3-axel "Standard"
  • Wiedemann Super 2000, 3-axel "Standard"

Wiedemann Super 2000, 3-axel "Standard"


The task is simple: separate water from sludge and clean it for recycled use in the high pressure system with damaging mechanicals parts such as the pump.

Cost effective solution built on 3-, or 4-axle chassis. Preferred brands are MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Scania.

Can also be delivered with ADR.

See video here:

Servicecenter: Aalborg, Nørre Åby, Kbh. og Malmø.



- Cylindrical sludge tank in stainless steel with separate U-shaped stainless steel water tank

- Suction ability down to 25 mtr. depth

- No filter and piston, but instead af self-cleaning mesh

- Excellent weight distribution over the vehicle's centre of gravity

- Fully automatic 1-button operation

- Very effective system with minimal water filling and driving needs

- Low operation and maintenance costs


- Unique cleaning system with double cyclone systems and 5-compartment sedimentation without filters secures a minimum of particles in the cleaned water.

- Optimal weight distribution because of U-shaped watertank surrounding the cylindrical sludge tank. Wiedemann's own patented liquid ring pump with cooling system enables a weight reduction of 700 kg. when compared to common recycling systems.

- Because of the larger amount of cleaned sludge water the need to fill and empty both water- and sludge chamber is reduced, while there is no waiting time to fill the water tank because of the 5-chamber system, which enables a large saving on driving times and makes it possible to reach up to 100% more working time every day through continuous operation.

Technical specification:

SUPER 2000 Re-Cycler - technical description


Data sheet

HP Pump
350 or 417 ltr./min.
HP hose
Up to 220 mtr. DN 25 (1") and 180 mtr. DN 32 (11/4")
Sludge tank
6.000 - 12.000 ltr. stainless steel tank
Water tank
5.000 - 7.000 ltr. U-shaped stainless steel tank
Suction hose
Up to 30 mtr. DN 100 (4") / 25 mtr. DN 125 (5") or 20 mtr. DN 150 (6")
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