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C-TV Technology A/S

Importer and dealer of professional sewer equipment.

Our products cover fields such as TV-inspection cameras, TV-vehicles from IBAK, portable crawler systems, push camera systems like sewer camera, lateral camera, pipe camera. 
We also supply explosion proof camera equipment (marked EX) along with camera solution for industrial use. Software systems WinCan and IKAS32 can be delivered in all  versions.

We sell complete sewer cleaning vehicles, suctions trailers and pick-up versions, flushing equipment, high-pressure sewer cleaners, drain cleaners and general cleaning equipment.
A large nozzle assortment with cleaning nozzles, root cutters and jet cutters are available.

No-Dig equipment with complete cutter vehicles from IBAK, manual hand held cutters and crawler solutions, everything for short liner/part liner repair with fiberglass, packers and silicate i small bottles or larger cans.
Everything for relining with liners from the world's leading manufacturers, such as lineTEC and F. Willich, calibration hose, epoxy resin, all equipment for relining with inversion drums, steam generators etc.

Detection equipment with cable locators and pipe locators, CAT & genny, metal locators, metal cover locators and equipment for leak detection i water pipes.

Our product assortment is rounded off with rat blockers, smoke pellets, drain dye, gloves, pipe stoppers, pipe stoppers with bypass, push rods with and without copper cores and various pipe couplings.
We also deliver equipment for leak tests and pressure tests.

Our products are sold through our own sales force as well as through selected dealers.