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Shown here is C-TV's large assortment of cable and pipe locators with accessories. Read more


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C.Scope carry bag for cable locator
Price DKK372.00
Reference.: 130132002
C.Scope carry bag for complete locator set
Price DKK592.00
Reference.: 130132001
C.Scope Signal Injector
Price DKK1,600.00
Reference.: 130131006
C.Scope Signal Clamp for locator set
Price DKK2,500.00
Reference.: 130131005
C.Scope Sonde orange 33 kHz for locator
Price DKK2,990.00
Reference.: 130131010
CTV Slim sonde 33 kHz for locator
Price DKK4,413.00
Reference.: 130751001
C.Scope Flexible tracer 80/5
Price DKK5,990.00
Reference.: 130131020
C.Scope DXL4 cable locator with datalogging and alarm zone
Price DKK7,900.00
Reference.: 130131022
C.Scope MXT4 signal generator multi frequency
Price DKK9,950.00
Reference.: 130131023
C.Scope SGA4 signal generator 33 kHz
Price DKK8,450.00
Reference.: 130131013
C.Scope MXL4 cable locator with datalogging and alarm zone
Price DKK8,900.00
Reference.: 130131024
C.Scope MXL4 kabelsøger med datalogging, alarmzone, GPS og Bluetooth
Price DKK10,900.00
Reference.: 130131026