Pipe stoppers:

Pipe stoppers for blocking of pipes or entire sewer systems.

Pipe stoppers can be delivered in many sizes, types, shapes + with or without bypass.

Pipe stoppers: - C-TV Technology A/S in Aalborg, Denmark

Pipe stoppers:

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Adapter bike valve / quick coubling
Price DKK95.00
Reference.: 130842001
CTV - Extension hose 3 mtr. with snap coupling
Price DKK199.00
Reference.: 131211042
CTV - Extension hose 3 mtr. with bike valve
Price DKK235.00
Reference.: 131211041
CTV Short pipe stopper ABE2030 DN20-30 mm
Price DKK278.00
Reference.: 131211001
CTV Short pipe stopper ABE3040 DN30-40 mm
Price DKK296.00
Reference.: 131211002
CTV Short pipe stopper ABE70100 DN70-100 mm
Price DKK475.00
Reference.: 131211004
CTV Pipe stopper "One Size" - 8"
Price DKK499.00
Reference.: 130411008
Trelleborg pipe stopper DN40-70 mm
Price DKK595.00
Reference.: 131011002
CTV Short pipe stopper ABE100150 DN100-150 mm
Price DKK599.00
Reference.: 131211005
CTV Short pipe stopper AB50100 DN50-100mm - 1,5 bar
Price DKK599.00
Reference.: 131211007
CTV Short pipe stopper AB70150 DN70-150mm - 1,5 bar
Price DKK699.00
Reference.: 131211008
CTV Short pipe stopper AB100200 DN100-200mm - 1,5 bar
Price DKK850.00
Reference.: 131211009