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CTV 053 Drag Nozzle DN3 or G 1/8"
Price DKK475.00
Reference.: 111311012
CTV 052 Stop Nozzle DN3 or G 1/8"
Price DKK475.00
Reference.: 111311011
USB Düsen Standard G 1/2"
Price DKK636.00
Reference.: 110831030
USB Düsen ball nozzle 1/2"
Price DKK699.00
Reference.: 110831026
USB Düsen Quattro G 1/2"
Price DKK720.00
Reference.: 110831015
CTV Stop-pull nozzle DN13 or electric. 1/2 "
Price DKK725.00
Reference.: 111311020
USB Düsen lateral nozzle G 1/2"
Price DKK750.00
Reference.: 110831027
USB Düsen Egg shaped nozzle G 1/2"
Price DKK1,270.00
Reference.: 110831033
CTV small cleaning nozzle 1/8" with 10 mtr. HP hose
Price DKK1,400.00
Reference.: 111131001
USB Düsen nozzle for sonde G 1/2"
Price DKK1,495.00
Reference.: 110831021
CTV 066 Multi drag nozzle DN 13 or 1/2"
Price DKK1,499.00
Reference.: 111311015
USB Düsen camera nozzle 3/8"
Price DKK3,290.00
Reference.: 110831066