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KrasoTech is a German producer of high quality relining equipment such as inversion drums, liner guns and mixing units, in many different sizes and materials.
KrasoTech delivers both stand alone goods and complete vehicle- and trailer solutions.

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KrasoTech KrasWalk 200 M
Price DKK28,850.00
Reference.: 120471005
KrasoTech KrasoDrum 400 Inversion drum incl. inversion heads
Price DKK31,950.00
KrasoTech KrasoWalk M200 manual roller
Price DKK34,800.00
Reference.: 120471002
KrasoTech KrasDrum 500 DN200 mm
Price DKK41,800.00
Reference.: 120471006
KrasoTech KrasDrum 700 DN200 VA Standard
Price DKK49,500.00
KrasoTech - Sluice DN 150
Price DKK49,900.00
Reference.: 120471009
KrasTech KrasoWalk 400 electrical
Price DKK98,400.00
Reference.: 120471003
KrasoTech KrasoMix Hybrid 15 mixing unit
Price DKK363,000.00