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Wiedemann enviro tec is the world's leading producer of recycled water sewer cleaning trucks.
The specialty is the Super 2000 with 5 separate sedimentation compartments combined with 2 separate cyclone systems for extremely clean recycled water with significantly lower wear and tear on nozzles and components compared to other producers.
Wiedemann produce their own liquid ring pumps which can use the recycled water for cooling resulting in a weight saving of up to 700 kg. compared with a normal vacuumpump.
Wiedemann can also deliver combined suction and high pressure vehicles without water recycling.

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Wiedemann 3 axles Super 1000 recycling truck
Reference.: 111279001
Wiedemann 3 axles Super 2000 recycling truck
Reference.: 111279003
Wiedemann Boom Posibilities
Wiedemann 4 axles Super 1000 recycling truck
Reference.: 111279002
Wiedemann 4 axles Super 2000 re-cycling truck
Reference.: 111279004
Wiedemann 2 axles City 2000 recycling truck
Reference.: 111279005
SUPER 1000 Re-Cycler - technical description
SUPER 2000 Re-Cycler - technical description