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Sanikom is a Slovenian producer of high quality relining equipment such as inversion drums, steam units and impregnation tables in both manual and electric versions, and many different packers for pointlining.
Sanikom continuously develops new products and is always on the forefront of innovation, for example they were the first to offer inversion drums in composit materials combining high strength with low weight.

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Sanikom ProFlex packer HB 7/10-1 DN70-100 mm, length 1 mtr
Price DKK2,300.00
Reference.: 120701018
Sanikom ProFlex packer HB 10/15-1 DN100-150 mm, length 1 mtr
Price DKK2,900.00
Reference.: 120701019
CTV Relining roller with chain
Price DKK23,575.00
Reference.: 120701022
CTV inversion drum 600
Price DKK42,000.00
Reference.: 120701003
CTV Inversion drum 700
Price DKK52,250.00
Reference.: 120701002
CTV - Impregnation table, electrical
Price DKK66,600.00
Reference.: 120701041
CTV Inversion drum 950
Price DKK82,000.00
Reference.: 120701001